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How to Find Vaccine Documentation

Fall 2023 Tufts Clinics: You will proof of your immunization onsite following your appointment. If you lose it or need to access it again, you can create an online account with Shaw's/Star Market. You can also contact Shaw's/Star Market about your vaccination record via email or by calling 617-782-1628.

Massachusetts: If you received your immunization at a past Tufts clinic or somewhere in the state of Massachusetts, you may obtain your vaccine information through the Massachusetts State Vaccine Registry at It will take at least four weeks after your vaccination date for the information to be in the system.

Other U.S. States: For help finding records of immunizations obtained elsewhere in the United States, the CDC maintains a directory of state, city, and island immunization and public health websites.

How To Submit Vaccine Documentation


Boston Health Sciences students should email SAHA with documentation. All others should email OHS.


Boston Health Sciences campus and Grafton campus students should email SAHA with documentation of their annual flu shot.

Other Vaccinations

Medford/Somerville and SMFA Campuses: Incoming students on these campuses will find information about immunization and other health requirements, health insurance, other health-related concerns here: Health and Wellness Requirements for New Students.

Boston Health Sciences and Grafton Campuses: The Student Advisory Health Administration (SAHA) collects and screens immunization documentation for vaccinations required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Tufts University as well as those recommended for health care workers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Explore the requirements for your school via the SAHA website.