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Unlocking the Power Within: Nurturing Your Mental Wellbeing


May 9, 2024, 1pm EDT

In this webinar, faculty and staff will gain a deeper understanding of what mental health is (and what it isn't) and learn practical self-care practices and techniques that are designed to enhance emotional and mental equilibrium. And here's the game changer: You'll learn how to make mental wellbeing a seamless part of your daily life, creating a routine that's not just effective but also sustainable.

BuildingOff Campus
Campus: Off Campus
City: Off Campus
Campus: Off Campus
Event Type: Employee Events, Lectures & Seminars, Nutrition & Wellness
Event sponsor (school, institute, center, etc.): University-wide
Event Contact: Tufts University Human Resources
Event Sponsor: Tufts University Human Resources
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Open to Public: No